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How to Choose Pool Tables in Spearfish & Rapid City, SD

You like a competitive game of pool to while away the evening or to liven up the weekend. And you want to buy a quality table so you can play at home and level up your game. How do you know what to look for in pool tables in Spearfish, SD?

Come to the showroom at Black Hills Billiards to see and touch a variety of the best brand names in the business. Ask us your questions, and we’ll help you find the table that meets your needs, whether you want an entry-level model or one that becomes a family heirloom.

What to Consider When Buying

A cousin to pool is the game of billiards played on the same table but has different rules. Our collection of tables serve as an excellent base for pool or billiards in Rapid City, SD.

Here are your primary considerations when buying a pool table:

Slate or Wood for the Top

Sturdy Legs

Quality Frame

Felt or Cloth to Cover the Table?


Playing Equipment & Accessories


Rely on our staff to work with you to find a table at the price you want to pay.

Pool Table Options

Connelly Billiards: For almost four decades, Connelly Billiards has been an industry leader building the finest quality pool tables and related accessories. They are a part of the Champion Shuffleboard and Valley-Dynamo family. We build our pool tables under one roof, and that brings together the best of the best — we create and design, buy the wood, cut it, and stain it. If we didn't build it, we don't ship it. That's what makes us unique. We are truly built in Texas, USA. This allows us the flexibility to customize anything and create an entire game room for you.

Kayenta Pool Table

San Carlos Pool Table

Ventana Pool Table

Del Sol Pool Table

Cochise Pool Table

Prescott Pool Table

Catalina Pool Table

Del Mar Pool Table

Arch Pool Table

Westlake Pool Table

Venetian Pool Table

Rustic Pool Table

Scottsdale Pool Table

Competition Elite Pool Table

Ridglea Pool Table

Palo Duro Pool Table

Sundance Pool Table

Richland Pool Table

We make every effort to ensure that the Connelly billiard table we build for you is the finest, best-built table in America. If any part ever proves to be defective as a result of workmanship or materials during the table's lifetime, we will repair or replace the defective part.

Presidential Billiards: When it comes to pool tables, Presidential Billiards game room furnishings are designed and built to provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Whether you’re seeking an entry-level or heirloom-quality table, you’re sure to find the right option among our selection of Presidential Billiards products. Many feature exotic hardwoods and hand carving details, making them signature game room furnishings you’ll be proud to show off to guests.

Black Diamond Pool Table

Kruger Pool Table

Monroe Pool Table

Brittany Pool Table

Madison Pool Table

Cleveland Pool Table

Cape Town Pool Table

Carter Pool Table

Silverton Pool Table

Polk Pool Table

Hamilton Pool Table

Carmel Pool Table

Reagan Pool Table

Kariba Pool Table

Tyler Pool Table

Lincoln Pool Table

Vienna Pool Table

Pierce Pool Table

Wilson Pool Table

Dining Tops (shown on Carmel Pool Table)



Every RASSON table is built using the best selected woods, cutting edge materials, with exquisite craftsmanship, and the highest quality standards in the industry. Each RASSON Professional Pool Table is designed and equipped with our own patented technologies such as our Slate Leveling System and Pockets. These technologies make for faster assembly of the table and the ultimate experience in consistent table play. 

Challenger II Plus Billiard Table

Rasson OX Billiard Table

Victory II Plus Billiard Table

Viking/Northwoods Billiards: Viking’s log pool tables are known for their rustic style. Today, their Barnwood Furniture and Sawtooth Hickory Furniture are popular with pool enthusiasts across the country. They offer a full line of game room furniture options to help shoppers create a cohesive look, including chairs, tables, and bars.

Barnwood Timber Lodge Pool Table

Norway Pool Table

Red Cedar Pool Table

Barnwood Cheyenne Pool Table

Ponderosa Pool Table

Sawtooth Pool Table

Klondike Pool Table

Valley Pool Tables: For more than seven decades, Valley has remained an industry leader for commercial pool tables from Spearfish, SD. Their tables offer a tournament-tested toughness that stands up to the test of years. You can find this same toughness in each pool table they have created for the home game room.

Panther, Black Cat & Cherry Pool Tables

Panther LED Pool Table

Tiger Cat Bumper Pool Table

Pre-Owned POOL Tables

Every so often, Black Hills Billiards will come across a secondhand home pool tables from Spearfish, SD. When that happens, we’ll post the details on this page. Check back soon for new listings.

Pre-Owned POOL Tables

Every so often, Black Hills Billiards will come across a secondhand home pool tables from Spearfish, SD. When that happens, we’ll post the details on this page. Check back soon for new listings.

8.5' Olhausen Snooker Table

9' Brunswick Snooker Table

Used Olhausen Pool Table

Used Brunswick Bristol Pool Table

Pool Table Accessories


Lighting - Game Room & Home


Toltec Lighting: We are very proud to be a stocking dealer for Toltec Lighting. We not only sell game room lighting but also sell their entire line of lighting fixtures.

Founded in 1975, Toltec is a family-owned and operated company dedicated to creating quality and competitively priced lighting fixtures for your home.


Toltec takes pride in having taken the lead in the field of design.  They are continually introducing new concepts and ideas while maintaining a close eye on tradition.

Toltec Lighting

HJ Scott Lighting: Design custom billiard lighting to please. Three shade billiard lighting combinations including brass bar, black leatherette, autumn rustic, brushed chrome, matte black finishes. Easy to mix and match and easy to inventory. Also available in a variety of traditional and designer lighting.

Standard Lighting

Traditional HJ Scott Lighting

Designer HJ Scott Lighting

Pool Cue Racks

Floor Cue racks

Viking Cue Racks

Wall Cue Racks

Pool Balls & Ball Racks

Pool Table Covers

Cue Cases

Chalk & Holders

Fabric & Cushions

Brushes, Gloves & Misc

Pool Table Accessories

Cue Tools & Accessories

Pool Cues

We carry cues from most of the major manufacturers. Because of the vast quantity of cues available on today’s market, we are unfortunately unable to stock all of them in our showroom; however, we can usually obtain what we need within 3 days to 2 weeks. The brands we usually have in inventory include:




Fury Cues

Lucasi Cues







Be sure to ask about our reconditioning and refinishing services for tired old pool cues. We can refresh shafts and replace ferrules and tips using a professional lathe. This process usually takes around 2 to 3 days. We can also replace pool table accessories as well as the fabric, cushions, and pockets on your pool table.

Contact us today to find out which of our pool tables is the best choice for your game room. We proudly serve the Black Hills and surrounding areas in South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and Nebraska.